Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Is This New Thing Called "Yeow-guh?"

Yesterday night was the night I first tried my yoga class.
Yoga is a very new thing to me. Although this class is for adults, I went anyway.
I got out of the car and walked into the place.
everything was quiet.
It was a calm evening.
I took off my flip flops and set them in the compartments in the front room.
Then I had some calming tea.
It seemed to end a quiet, easing calm rush through me.
aligning the walls were superfood bars, yoga CD's, yoga books, and much more.
eventually it was time to start class.
when I went in, I people talking and ambient, calming music playing.
I saw mats in the corner.
It was warm in here.
I was going to love this.
I took a mat and rolled it out (and accidentally hit someone's head),
And I sat down in an easy pose on the mat and waited for it to officially start.
When everyone's mats were laying down on the ground with them on it, we started.
First we did a bit of active poses and stuff.
That's where part of the answer to the title of this post came to me.
"Yeow-guh", first thing, is Yoga.
Yoga, second thing, is a way to fill you with energy as well as calm and relax yourself.
Even though it might look like you were trying to hold a meaningless pose while taking deep breaths.
Well, no, you are wrong.
anyways, for the next half of the set was just sitting there mostly.
Wait of a second,
did I just say "just sitting there?"
Also, did I just say "Wait of a second" instead of "Wait a second?"
well, I was wrong on both subjects.
To correct myself, I was sitting there and taking everything out of my life while relaxing and chanting, "Hut-Hut-Hut. Opseeah hayee hooah. Sache-da, Sacha-doah," and then repeating abruptly.
And yeah, it sounds funny, but it's just a chant to-
I dunno, Obama? Who knows.
But I gotta tell you, at the end, everyone was practically sleeping.
After I got out of that so-it-seems-enchanted room I had
yet another
cup of tea.
t h e n i w a l k e d s l o w l y o u t t h e d o o r,
and went, home,
and zzzzzz.

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  1. Wow. Cool. Who took you to yoga? My only yoga experience was here at the house. Martha used to be an instructor, so she had a little impromptu class on the second floor by the stairs. It was good for stretching. :)