Tuesday, August 31, 2010


L is for lots of choices

I is the inter mind you have within you to go on

F is for the fruit of life that you lust to survive

E is for the even harder things that lie ahead of you.

L if for the luxurious things some people get just for being who they are

I is for the intellectual qualifications you develop as you continue, some hard, some easy

F is for the fortunate coincidences you get by taking some paths

E is for the eventual dying that yes, everyone has to go through

L is for longing for the end of your grief

I if for I'm starting to lose ideas for this poem

F is for finishing a deed for someone

E is for evangelical youth that you know everyone has once had

L is for the loom that winds together your past, present and future

I is for the intergalactic world that some people die trying to get into

F is for the future that lies ahead

E is for the endless adventure in the world

and LIFE stands for LIFE.

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