Sunday, November 28, 2010


Playing "Bold as Love" with imaginary lyrics

Amazing, you are the way

Under the pure bliss of the sky

Lighting up everyone's day.
Thanks, Paul, for lighting up my day.

I haven't written in this blog for a while, have I?
Oh, I et u all missed me- Oh, wait...
I have barely any followers right now!
Life is going so oddly bad but amazing for me.
Thanksgiving was awesome, but school is a complete hassle.
I will always remember Paul playing guitar as a concept that cheers me up.
Especially when he sais stuff like, "Razmatazz glangin albatraz pinazzery!" and stuff like that.
I really don't know what to write.

I wish I could know how life is going for you right now....
But, who cares? I have like 2 followers.
*sigh* does anyone think
life could be just a riddle?
Then we would have the mystery of figuring it out..
It would be an adventure to know what life really is
or is it an adventure to figure it out?
It is also nice to know what people join your adventure with you
Like how I think everyone around me is purposely in here to adveture with me.
Have you ever pondered things like this, because I do.
I think of life in a big picture, and try to figure it out, like a giant sudoku puzzle with no answer key.
The problem is, I'm not so good at sudoku...

My cat kept me up alot with her purring it seems
because I am SOOOO sleep deprived
even after sleeping in until noon on thursday...
Ok, I guess I found something to write, but so I really don't know.
So, ya.