Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have been pondering the question of whether I should write a book or not.
Because when I do, I finally get bored of writing it so I stop writing the book anyways.
I am not a trusty book writer.
Finally, I decided I would write a book.
My book is called ELSWHERE.
Elswhere is a book about a place where all your friends are your enemies.
I have only got through the first chapter, but I will write more.
I was making a comic, but it's not my long-term intension.
I wrote this book because when I was at family camp, I got inspired by friend Annalivia that I made.
Now I am going to take the possibility of writing a book into action.
real action.
I hope my book goes succsesfully this time.
Boy, you should know how many books wrote when I was little.
Those were the times I just stapled some pages together and used crayons.
Now I mean a book.
A real book.
And it will be called Elswhere.
End Of Short Post.

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