Tuesday, August 31, 2010


L is for lots of choices

I is the inter mind you have within you to go on

F is for the fruit of life that you lust to survive

E is for the even harder things that lie ahead of you.

L if for the luxurious things some people get just for being who they are

I is for the intellectual qualifications you develop as you continue, some hard, some easy

F is for the fortunate coincidences you get by taking some paths

E is for the eventual dying that yes, everyone has to go through

L is for longing for the end of your grief

I if for I'm starting to lose ideas for this poem

F is for finishing a deed for someone

E is for evangelical youth that you know everyone has once had

L is for the loom that winds together your past, present and future

I is for the intergalactic world that some people die trying to get into

F is for the future that lies ahead

E is for the endless adventure in the world

and LIFE stands for LIFE.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have been pondering the question of whether I should write a book or not.
Because when I do, I finally get bored of writing it so I stop writing the book anyways.
I am not a trusty book writer.
Finally, I decided I would write a book.
My book is called ELSWHERE.
Elswhere is a book about a place where all your friends are your enemies.
I have only got through the first chapter, but I will write more.
I was making a comic, but it's not my long-term intension.
I wrote this book because when I was at family camp, I got inspired by friend Annalivia that I made.
Now I am going to take the possibility of writing a book into action.
real action.
I hope my book goes succsesfully this time.
Boy, you should know how many books wrote when I was little.
Those were the times I just stapled some pages together and used crayons.
Now I mean a book.
A real book.
And it will be called Elswhere.
End Of Short Post.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Is This New Thing Called "Yeow-guh?"

Yesterday night was the night I first tried my yoga class.
Yoga is a very new thing to me. Although this class is for adults, I went anyway.
I got out of the car and walked into the place.
everything was quiet.
It was a calm evening.
I took off my flip flops and set them in the compartments in the front room.
Then I had some calming tea.
It seemed to end a quiet, easing calm rush through me.
aligning the walls were superfood bars, yoga CD's, yoga books, and much more.
eventually it was time to start class.
when I went in, I people talking and ambient, calming music playing.
I saw mats in the corner.
It was warm in here.
I was going to love this.
I took a mat and rolled it out (and accidentally hit someone's head),
And I sat down in an easy pose on the mat and waited for it to officially start.
When everyone's mats were laying down on the ground with them on it, we started.
First we did a bit of active poses and stuff.
That's where part of the answer to the title of this post came to me.
"Yeow-guh", first thing, is Yoga.
Yoga, second thing, is a way to fill you with energy as well as calm and relax yourself.
Even though it might look like you were trying to hold a meaningless pose while taking deep breaths.
Well, no, you are wrong.
anyways, for the next half of the set was just sitting there mostly.
Wait of a second,
did I just say "just sitting there?"
Also, did I just say "Wait of a second" instead of "Wait a second?"
well, I was wrong on both subjects.
To correct myself, I was sitting there and taking everything out of my life while relaxing and chanting, "Hut-Hut-Hut. Opseeah hayee hooah. Sache-da, Sacha-doah," and then repeating abruptly.
And yeah, it sounds funny, but it's just a chant to-
I dunno, Obama? Who knows.
But I gotta tell you, at the end, everyone was practically sleeping.
After I got out of that so-it-seems-enchanted room I had
yet another
cup of tea.
t h e n i w a l k e d s l o w l y o u t t h e d o o r,
and went, home,
and zzzzzz.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

de Beneville

I wish I could tell the details of my entire week, but it would be a really hard thing to fit in all the stuff we did.
trust me.
Anyways,this year at family camp I had the funnest time ever.
I often find myself wanting to go back to certain moments I have had at camp,
but I know I definitely will always want to relive the entire week.
the first day the only thing I did was get there early and do a hike.
That was the day.
You don't do much when you're early.
on Sunday, I made a freind named Annalivia.
She has long bown hair and retainers and is much taller than me even though she is seven months younger than me.
she also has glasses.
we went to a playground in the campground and did alot of things.
Alot of things, of course, until people actually started coming.
Witch, in fact, was about 4 o clock in the afternoon.
or is it the evening?
monday, we-
you know, I forgot!
Ditch this, I am actually just going to summarize my entire week at camp.
think you can catch on?
At family camp, I spent lots of time with my friend, Annalivia, and we became good friends.
And she brought her stuffed pig.
he's really cute.
We also swam.

swimming is a thing us de Benevillers do alot.
we have a pool!!!
what we would also do alot was archery.
I never got a bull's eye (of course), but I still had fun.
On tuesday- I mean, also during the week,
we did awesome tye-dying.
I did spirals, crumple-dyes, and sunbu-
you don't know what I'm talking about, do you (unless, of course, you know how to tie dye)?
I didn't think so.
Yea, the crumple whatever and stuff means the designs on the clothing.
In my case, shirts.
There is also something I did, like, every day.
Hmm, "what is that", you say?
capture the flag was one of the funnest things I did during family camp.
it does require alot of running.
by that, i mean tag-like runnig.
Another thing I couldn't ever forget was the annual (like alot of other events I described) canoeing and kayaking at jenks lake.
we played capture the flag there too.
At the end of the week, we had a talent show.
I sung a song called Astronaut by Amanda Palmer.
There were alot of good performances.
and that is why I am coming to the end of this post.