Friday, July 30, 2010

Picnic In A Park

The thing I was thinking about for a long time was going to debeneville pines.
That is, until this morning.
This morning I remembered about the picnic I was having in WhittierNarrows.
So after I heard my dad's alarm, "Au Ti's Love," after snooze for the second (and definitely final) time I got out of bed.
When we got to the picnic, I went on a waay-longer-than-I-thought-it-was-going-to-be walk to the nature center that wasn't even that good. Wouldn't it be nice if people actually just made it a place the animals wanted to be and let people see them wild?
I think so.
After a dozen scratches on my legs I decided I wanted to leave the nature center.
I apparently discovered that there was a shortcut out.
At that, I was pretty happy.
When we got back, I just waited until my friend Elijah came.
When he came, we played catch with baseball mitts and trust me, I did not work well with such a big dang glove...
Then it was my turn to serve giant tomatoes to a bunch of strangers.
The bad side of that job is that they are all stuck together and slimy and big.
So, after I had an eating break I switched to serving cheese.
A while later, Elijah's mom, Jennifer, and grace's friend Falstino were giving us workouts.
Falstino really likes to do stuff like that.
Trust me.
He had a fun time from that look in his eyes.
Any who, after that, Elijah, Jennifer and I went on a small bike ride around the Whittier Narrows lake.
Yes, it is a big lake.
It sort of felt like a journey.
That is, of course until Jennifer started talking to this guy for a while in the middle while me and Elijah were telling her we were ready to proceed (a.k.a. we are really bored! Let's go!!!).
When we got back from that, we sat down, obviously tired.
That's when the three of us got interested in our shoes.
we started taking the off and putting them on.
We then realized that we all had the same size!
So there we were, walking, me in one of Jennifer's shoes and one of mine, Elijah wearing one of his and one of Jennifer's, and Jennifer wearing One of mine and one of Elijah's.
I know, you didn't have to understand that, don't worry.
Anyways, after fiddling with our shoes, we decided to take them off and walk in the shallow stream.
It felt good on my feet; as good as a massage.
It was cold, icy and relaxing.
While we walked up and down the waterfall and into the current, me and Elijah talked.
At a point of walking we stopped int front of my dad and Jennifer.
We started playing games, but I will only point out one.
That game was called "what are you doing?"
To play the game one person starts off acting out something.
The next person asks, "what are you doing?"
The person acting says they are doing something completely different and crazy.
Then the person who asked the question has to act out what the other person said they were doing, and it just goes on in a circle.
It's okay if you didn't get that either.
A while after that, we went home, and I will not continue from here, due to the boringness.
This will be the end of my entry.

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