Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life As Is

The thing i don't understand is what you think when you sleep.
Do you even think?
I don't think so.
And I won't think so in my sleep
unless i can think in my sleep
witch I do not think I know yet.
When I sleep,
I cannot control what I do.
People say 'that sucks!'
Does it really?
Dreaming without guidance or control could be like seeing and watching how you act in your dreams
And the dreamy world that is inside of you
without making it up or controlling it
just letting it pass by...

I feel like I am trapped in my life.
The only thing I can do is what I am doing now.
I do not feel a bright future ahead of me, but people say it will happen.
Once again, does it really?
I ponder this question on multiples subjects.
What I do in the moment is the only thing I can do
And the background is forever stuck with my life
and I cannot change anything.
Or can I?

My kitty was extra loud last night, and trust me,
Her meows are not like a lullaby, or I would be keeping her by my bed all night.
Last night I looked up at the colossal starry night on my ceiling
pasted all glow in the dark
I began see them quiver
and that's when I turned on the lights all freaked out
It was as if they all were saying, 'what did we do? We were just sitting here quietly!'
And that's when I decided to turn the lights out
and not stare at those freaky stars
and actually sleep.

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